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Undersea Siege Part 4

When I signed up to help investigate and evacuate the kelp farm, I wasn't expecting to be ambushed by dozens of the corrupted monsters. To be fair, anything to do with the rifts involved some kind of risk. But man. Fate, you could have just thrown me only one or two!

Still… Seren and I did agree to help King Ericius and Naia save the kingdom. And we wouldn't back down.

Not even when some rabid red and black creatures were crawling our way.


Mithril was the first to act, yelling to the carriages. "Forget your things! Escape as fast as you can! I'll hold them off!"


The paponis drawing the carriages lurched forward, and the villagers scrambled chaotically into the wagons as they moved.

One of the faster monsters broke free from the rift and chased after the pod of villagers, and a rumble of screams and yells erupted from the group.

Seren growled and pursued the monster, whipping her head back to us. "I'll take care of that one, you two buy the villagers time!" 

Then, she was off, her large sleek black form snaking after the monster.

A giant yellow gold claw made of smoke and bubbles rose from the point of her head and smacked the monster away from the carriage it was hunting.

In a flurry of bubbles, the two battling figures and the pod of carriages faded quickly into the blue sea.


I was worried, but I turned and faced away from where they had gone.

"The old lady will be fine." I said to Mithril, whose face also shared the same concern. If there's anylon I know who could take care of themselves, it was that old croon.


The warrior and I faced the dark mass of moving limbs in the distance. They were almost free of the ground that kept them at bay, tearing up the town center and whatever was left of its pavement. Their blood eyes and maws gaping with eagerness.

"You get out here too. And do it for real this time." Mithril spoke, with an extremely serious, angry tone.

He picked up a sickle like weapon, a tool that looked like it was used to harvest the kelp. The warrior pointed it at the monsters, and somehow made such a boring farm blade look cool and elegant.

"No way. I'm gonna help you fight!" I exclaimed, also grabbing a sickle with my mouth and posing. Though I didn't feel as cool.

"I know you're a skilled warrior and whatever, but there's no way you can survive a dozen of them!" 

"Listen here, sea sponge. I know that." Mithril turned his cheek, facing away.

"Huh… what?! Then why are you.."

"I don't need to explain anything to you, landwalker." He growled. "I have only one final duty here, and it is to keep the villagers and civilians like yourself safe. So go AWAY!"

The warrior swiveled his sickle in a rapid circle and whipped up a magical whirlpool in my direction.



I yelped as I was sucked into the vortex,  the water column twirling my body further and further away from the red warrior and the town center. As I spun, I could somehow make out his elegant figure approaching the monsters in the center of the village, alone.

I didn't get it!
Was he mad at losing his trident? Did he really hate me that much? 
Why was he about to fight them all on his own?...

There was no way he could take them on…

I closed my eyes. The vivid memories of Goldfair flashed again, like before. I remembered arriving, and seeing many brave pouflons attack the large black creature. Farm houses burned and small corrupted creatures wrecked havoc. Pouflons were running all over, screaming, crying, running, flying. 

A brown pouflon with a mustache was there, in the center of the flames. He was far away, holding a pitchfork, confronting the large black creature.

He gave a small smile, before turning and bravely leaping at the dark demon. 

Don't go! 

My voice echoed. 

I felt my legs burn from running towards him, but he and the beast continued to drift further and further away.

Then, the farmer pouflon was swept away by the darkness before him.

Uncle Klein!


My eyes shot open.

There was no way Mithril could take them on… 

I had to help!

That fish noble was annoying, insulting, and judgemental... but… 

No one deserves getting infected by that cursed virus!

"Move dangit!" I commanded my body. It was getting ragdolled around the whirlpool, and I began to feel heavy. 

I tossed and tumbled, but could not break free of the bubbly vortex.

"Come on! Useless tailfins!"
I knew I should have taken swimming classes…

I kicked, and tail swiped. Nothing happened.
I yelled in anger, bubbles spurting and dissipating into the swirl of water. 

Argh! Why couldn't I break free?!

Maybe I really am useless... 

I couldn't help Uncle Klein in time. 
And now, I couldn't help Mithril…

My head shook.

No! I can't give up now!


Calm down, maybe I could try that one technique, one I've done since I was a bloom…

I slowed my panicked breathing, and focused on the blurred, green kelp outside of the whirlpool.

Again, just like the first time I channeled magic…

Align breathing with your soul, your heart, your mind… Control it...

A familiar bright red, yellow, and white light began to glow around my tail, powering it up. It was an energy that felt like warm light from within, and it supercharged the lower body. All the cells in it felt like they were given adrenaline shots, and I felt the fibers of the muscles pulse with power. 

With all my strength, I yelled and threw my body out towards the green blur outside.


A burst of bubbles erupted around, and the green kelp forest was in view. 

I drifted a hard right, and looked around quickly. I had broken free of the magical whirlpool and now floated quite a distance away from the village.



In the village's direction, I could see a flurry of sparks and white slashes next to the small, darkened houses. 

With the supercharged tail, I zoomed towards the flashes, swimming as pouflon-ly fast as I could.

Once close, the scene was clear. 
Mithril was surrounded by a dark circle of monsters, and they were closing in on him. He was barely holding them off, and looked visibly tired.


I banked and swooped down, smashing into the sand next to the red warrior, a buffet of sea dust clouding all around.

The monsters squealed and began to bump into eachother, eyes clouded by the dust.

"Cough, cough… How did you-- You annoying little…! Why do you keep coming back?!"

Mithril snapped, one of his tentacle hairs waving away at the dust.

"Do you want the glory of defeating these things that bad?!!" His voice broke slightly. "It's a death wish!"

"Heck no!" 

I snapped back. "They attacked my hometown, and there ain't no way I'll let that happen here!"

I drew out my knife dagger, and looked Mithril in the eyes. "Plus… No one deserves getting corrupted by those things. Not even if you're an annoying fish noble who thinks I'm a multicellular animal." 

The dark figures around us moved chaotically, still blinded. 

The warrior drew back in surprise, and gave a pause before he spoke. 

"You… idiot sponge. You're still signing up for a death wish, trying to save this fool of a warrior."


For the first time on this trip, I saw the warrior lose confidence. He always seemed to have such pride, and looked down on me for being a landlubber. 
But in this one moment, his pauldrons sagged, and his chin fell.

My mouth gaped.

He really did mean to perish here, alone. 

I really hoped fish nobles weren't all this stubborn… 

"You're the IDIOT SPONGE!!" I yelled, and punched him with my hoof. 

The warrior flashed me a surprised look as he was knocked back slightly.

"I dunno what you did to feel like you deserved to be monster fodder, but I'm gonna help you whether you like it or not!" I puffed.

Then, with a big leap, I ascended out of the dust cloud. Just as the dust began to clear, and the monsters began to writhe more cohesively.


I sure didn't know what his deal was, but one thing for sure, I couldn't leave him here. After all, Seren and I came to Aequor not for a vacation, but as revenge on the monsters for what they did to Goldfair. This wasn't for glory, Mithril, it's for vengeance, and to ensure Aequor wouldn't be a repeat of the catastrophe in Goldfair. 

As I drew higher into the water, I looked down sharply at the monsters with fury, faced scrunched and teeth grit.

You monsters will regret messing with any of us!



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In Event Quests ・ By teadino

stuff is starting to hit the fan! and things are going a bit awry...


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