Welcome to Aequor [Basil]

In Prompts ・ By Zevhara
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Welcome to Aequor [Basil]
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In Prompts ・ By Zevhara

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Basil guesses he shouldn't have assumed he would have plenty of time before the next disaster related to the corruption, but this is a lot. He's already still slightly clumsy on land, having never fully grown out of it from when he was a bloom, but trying to get around with a fin instead of back legs takes a frustrating amount of time to figure out. Still, he's not one to refuse to help, especially when it's for a princess and the safety of her home. And he'd be lying if he said he wasn't incredibly interested to see what Aequor was like. He was barely holding back a thousand questions as Princess Naia graciously gave him and a small group of other recent arrivals a quick tour. If he has time he's definitely going to find out if they have a library.

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