Lightsoul 4 [Basil]

In Prompts ・ By Zevhara
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Lightsoul 4 [Basil]
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In Prompts ・ By Zevhara

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After dragging himself home from Chrysanthos through air and over land, Basil stands exhausted in the field next to his home. His pippets run out to greet him, afraid and confused but glad he is safe. He smiles at them and their worries ease.
The night feels like it has gone on for much longer than it ought to have, but as Basil turns to look again at the crack in the sky, he finds the sky is lightening on the horizon. The sunrise! Could all the events of l̸͂͜a̵͕̽s̵̯̆t̴̢́ ̴̨̾n̴̼͌i̷̝͠g̸͕̈́h̸͇̍ť̸̘ have made it feel much longer to him, since he never stays up that late? Or was it really among the many parts of the world that have been falling into chaos? 
A breeze flows slowly by, rustling the edge of the nearby glen, and Basil takes a refreshing breath. He sees the Sun's light rising and welcomes it as a sign not only of victory, but also of reassurance that everything will be alright. He knows the land between him and the horizon is still crying, corrupted - dying, even. But that will have to wait at least a little longer. He may have been useful to the defense of Chrysanthos, but he also needs to sleep.
Basil bows his head to the rising Sun as it finally reaches over the horizon and nearly blinds him with its glare. It shines upon him and he remembers the warmth he felt within himself when he was fending off the Entity. It returns to him as he thinks of it, as naturally as breathing, and at first he thinks it's the presence of the Sun after so long that is doing it. But the Sun isn't quite high enough for that yet...
Something is calling him. He takes another deep breath and leans into the feeling of warmth, picturing the Sun at its brightest. He opens his eyes to the sunrise and feels like he is glowing - is he? He turns his head, following a sudden thought, to the morning dew in the grass by his hooves and focuses - 
And there - a tiny rainbow. He did that. 
Basil starts to laugh quietly in wonder. He imagines the prisms throughout his house all casting rainbows at once, impossibly. He remembers the day he was injured and saw a rainbow as if it was a sign that everything would be ok. Perhaps he could do that for someone else now, could have the power to make things ok. 
The power of Light is both familiar and new, like meeting a childhood friend again many years later. He accepts it with joy, considers it a great gift and honor, and vows to be worthy of it. 
This isn't the end of the corruption. He knows what he has to do next.

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