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[Part 1]

Undersea Siege Part 2

"Are we there yet?" I asked Mithril.

"No! I mean, ahem, no, Miss. Please in Aequor name stop asking. It's been the twelth time." 

The tentacled warrior gave an annoyed smile through the glassless porthole I was looking at. We were in a carriage with no wheels, instead with a rudder in the back, driven by two large orange paponi. 

After King Ericius's speech, Seren, Mithril, and I began our journey towards a kelp farm village on the outskirts of Aequor.

Princess Naia sent us on a mission to investigate the tremors and cracks there, as well as evacuate the civilians living in the area…

Prior to leaving, Naia had also taken Mithril aside and scolded him. She must have seen Mithril point his trident at me earlier. After that, the red tentacled warrior was quiet and painfully trying to be polite. 

It was a mystery to me why the Aequoreans were unwelcome to us… Of all the things I expected of the lost city, it wasn’t that. I wondered why....

Mithril was in the front, piloting the paponi, while Seren and I remained in the carriage, looking over the few notes the kingdom's researchers left us regarding the tremors. Distracted by the mystery of the estrangement of the citizens, I scrunched my nose at Mithril's forced smile.

"Ya know, if you guys don't like us we could just leave."

"Negative, Miss. Princess Naia had commanded us to work together. Aequor Royal law is as set as obsidian. And… I hate to admit it. But we do need assistance." He barely held his smile together. It was painful to watch. "Though- if I had my-way- I'd rather ask the other warring aquatic tribes instead-of-the landwalkers."

"Man, what did we do wrong?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Miss, putting-aside-the-fact-that-you-don't know… I will tell you this once." I could see a nerve pop on Mithril's head. The aura of disappointment emanated off him.

"Long ago, Aequor was suffering from attacks from other warring tribes and kingdoms. When we asked the land for help, they closed their doors on us."

For a second his smile wavered and frowned.

"Since then Aequor swore to be stronger. And our nation grew to be strong. Beautiful, and independent. Like a large royal paponi. Without the help of anyone outside."

His eyes glistened as he raised his chin, looking proud.

"We survived. And thrived. And raised some of the best warriors in the ocean."

He gave a sigh, his eyes angrily on the horizon. His pauldrons lowering.

"Until cracks appeared all over Aequor, and terrible monsters appeared."

The disappointed gaze returned. "Now we were forced to bring in foreign help... Oh clams! Landwalkers who can barely grasp swimming at all. It's embarrassing to our nation!” He raised his arm over his head like a drama queen.

He dropped the polite act. Finally.

“On top of that… You landwalkers are nothing like I'd imagined!" He gasped.

"Wha? Then what did you imagine landwalkers were like?" I asked. 

"Elegant, tall, divine, 6-wings-and-a-long-tail-like-an-eels, and with many swords." 

So specific! 

"That sounds like a monster!" I made a ghastly face.

But fair enough, us bellacoastans thought aequoreans were mutated. The Aequoreans must have never seen a landwalker in all their life.. So of course they also must have thought we were aliens.

I mean, it would be cool to have 6 wings and many swords. Anyway…

“I.. I didn’t know about the history between Bellacoste and Aequor. I didn’t even know Aequor existed.” I admitted, still in slight shock over the tiny history lesson.

“Of course you don’t. You all wrote it out of the history books.” He spat

 Mithril looked so sure about that. I was about to argue, but I would have had to bring Seren into it. The vespire lived long enough to know some obscure crap. But she took literal years explaining these things, so I resisted asking for now, just for my sanity. If we started now, we would go through the whole trip with her droning on and on...

There was a sense of relief now that I knew what was up with the Aequoreans. I couldn't blame them for acting a bit cold to us now. Whether true or not, Bellacoste did seem to turn a shoulder on them when they needed them years ago.

The two kingdoms were now having an awkward meet up over a catastrophe, like two ex-friends reluctantly coming together to solve a problem. Still, Mithril could at least stop with the insults. At least.


My eyes wandered out the windows and I gasped. Stretches of tall, green kelp were everywhere on the rocky hills of the ocean. Next to them, were barren areas with giant whirlpools in the center, with cracks formed from their tail tips. They were loud, and they were eating up the scenery. Literally. Strands of kelp were sucked into their dark pits.

I leaned into the front porthole and yelled at Mithril above the sounds of the swirling whirlpools.

"WOAH! Mithril! What's up with those water tornadoes?!"

The warrior looked at me like I had something funny stuck to my face. "Tornado? Is that a landwalker's pippet name? Those are whirlpools, you uneducated sea sponge! And they appear during whirlpool seasons. It's usually normal, however.." He shook his head. "It isn't whirlpool season now. And the tremors made them… There's hundreds of them, and they're tearing up all of the farmland."

I shuddered, suddenly remembering Goldfair.

The red streaked sky, the crack, and seeing the first place I called home become half destroyed. 

This was so familiar. Too familiar of what happened there at Goldfair… the farms… the large gaping hole in the farmland… And Uncle Klein…

I felt my teeth clench.

But I shook my head. Now's not the time to be worrying over the past.

"Hey I'm not a sea sponge!" I replied, shaking off the bad thoughts.

"...Anyways where do the whirlpools lead to?"

"You wouldn't want to know, sea sponge. " Mithril smirked, "All Aequoreans know that whatever goes in never gets seen again."

I blinked. Dang. And there goes the polite act completely. Sorry Princess Naia, your scolding was moot.

The warrior waved his tentacle hair nonchalantly. "But who knows. If you're interested, Why don't you take a stroll into one and find out for yourself? You can be the first landwalker to discover something." He smiled suspiciously.

I threw him a flabbergasted face. "NO WAY!"


The paponis yelped, screeching to a stop, sea dust kicking up. 

We had arrived at the village.


It was quite a scene there. I knew what normal farms looked like, and let me tell you. This was the weirdest countryside. Houses were made of carved stone instead of wood, and the fields were forests of tall kelp. Floating scarecrow-like figures nestled in the kelp, looking menacing, and bundles of kelp were tied vertically like long large fish hooks, all bobbling to the currents around them.

The villagers were loading up their carriages with supplies, using large bubble magic to move items around. Some even using magical water currents that carried multiple bags into boxes. 


I geeked out and tried to ask everylon how they learned to use magic like that as we went around asking where the crack was.

It wasn't hard to find. The crack was huge, and speared through the center of the village,  tearing up the underwater stone pavement and the town center hall. It was so large that the whole village population could line up and all sit inside it. 

Seren got to work, the way she always does. Not speaking to anyone and just taking notes and collecting samples for investigation. It's moot to bother her in this state. She gets all focused and I've tried to snap her out of it many, many times.

We'd travel to clients and after she starts an investigation with them, it'd be another agonizing few hours before she talked to me again and send me on some errand to help her.

"Mage Seren, do you need help?" Mithril asked, following after the busy Vespire.

"Nah don't bother. Let's leave her alone for a couple hours. She's in the zone." I shrugged. "We can get samples for her further along this crack. I'm 900% sure she will ask for them."

Mithril and I swam along the gaping ravine of the crack, its long tail leading into a kelp field. I could tell the warrior was watching me swim, from his amused glances. My swimming form was as terrible as a pyropine. Sluggish and like I had nubs for limbs. The warrior barrelled ahead and circled me twice to show off his underwater speed. 

"Show off!" I said, trying to swim faster. "I'll get better at this too!" 

"Hah. Don't even try, sponge." He flipped his hair. "When we go back I'll show you the true power of speed the family of Veargas has. It's beyond a landwalker's ability. " 

"That a challenge?" 

"No. You're not even a match."

With that the warrior bounded forward and disappeared ahead before I could respond. His pride sure was as large as a whale. 



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In Event Quests ・ By teadino

2nd part of the mersummer quests, just one more to go!

This was actually a bit of a challenge to write, I had to rewrite a couple scenes because they just didn't feel right. pretty pleased with this though!


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