F2U Bloom Base

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F2U Bloom Base
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In Bases ・ By rhiow
Hello everylon!
I'm so excited about everything that's been going on in Pouflons! If you weren't already aware, any user can now sign up on our site (https://www.play.pouflons.com/) and if they're a new player (no pouflons currently), you can now get a Bloom for FREE!
In the spirit of that, here's a Bloom base for you to design your brand new baby Pouflon on! Please be sure to read the Bloom guidelines while you're designing! http://www.pouflons.com/blooms.html
This base is free to use for POUFLONS ONLY! You may put your new Blooms or current Pouflons on it as well if you'd like, but please don't use it for other species!
All common traits are included in the linework, you'll just have to erase overlap lines once you unhide them. Right now .clip and .psd file types are available for download. <3

Please leave my watermark on the image (you can move it, but not erase it) and credit me if you use the base! My username is Rhiow on DA and on TH!

Without further ado, here's the link for the base:

Happy designing!

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