Forage & Findings - V222

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Cooler weather always came early to the mountains and Fluorspar was no exception. As the chill began to settle in Dahrri could feel her years catch up to her in the creaking of her body and aching of her bones. It wasn’t so bad that she considered moving back to the warm underground caverns of Banelaire, at least not yet.

‘Might as well enjoy the season before it gets too cold to enjoy.’

“Forge, Slag, that’s enough work for the day my dears. Go find Trinket. I believe it’s time to take the rest of the day off and enjoy the season.” The pyropine scurried out of its place near the forge and scuttled out to find Dahrri’s young apprentice while the snock crawled its way over to the vespire and up her tail, following her spine until it settled into a spot on her dominant shoulder.

Dahrri sighed in pleasure as the warmth of the molten snock seeped into her tired muscles like a heating pad, relaxing away any tightness. “Thank you dear. That feels much better. Never grow old if you can help it Slag, it’s not nearly as much fun as everyone makes it out to be.”

As she finished locking up the smithy Forge came scampering back, though without Trinket to be seen.

Dahrri sighed, “Let me guess, you couldn’t find her?” the pyrpoine squeaked its reply and she shook her head. “For the life of me I don’t know where that girl disappears to.” Picking up a small satchel, Dahrri slung it over her shoulder and gently placed Forge inside. “Well, no matter. Looks like it will just be you and me, pets. We’ll see what wonderful inspiration the start of the season can give us.”

Forage & Findings - V222
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In Prompts ・ By AlleyWolf

Granny Dahrri just wants to take her apprentice out to see the fall colors, but she's nowhere to be found. :c sadface

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