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In Callings ・ By AlleyWolf
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Gerblin’s paws waved about wildly for a moment before returning to their place, one under her chin and the other keeping hold of the small binder she held.

The collection of papers in her possession was too small to properly be called a proper book but large enough that it wouldn’t be able to be bound by staples, thus Gerblin had poked holed in every page and bound them together with twine before sandwiching it all between two thing sheets of wood.

How it was constructed wasn’t the important bit to Gerblin’s mind though. No. What was important was what was inside. And what was inside was stories. Not th properly published fiction stories you could find in any bookstore. No, these were better. These were underground. Indie stories if you will.

These stories were what happened when others read things and thought “what if.”

What if that pouflon-character had died.

What if the vespire-character was secretly a cherub.

What if that ursuki-character had witnessed the destruction of a forest.

What if, what if, what if.

And what if was a very powerful creative force.

So, as Gerblin read a take on what would have happened if the main character of My Hero Bellacoste was actually a Shadewalker, and got to a particularly interesting part, she squealed in excitement and once more her clawed hands went flailing about in the air.

“What in St. Hart’s antlers are you reading that’s got you sounding like a paponi with it’s nose clamped shut?” asked Hedgedoe from where she was… doing whatever she did.

Gerblin looked up from her stack of papers eyes wide with glee as they answered, in complete seriousness, “Fanfiction.”

- - -


Piles of papers and books were spread out on the desk before them. If the Mephistopheles hadn’t been working the desk for the library that day and watched it slowly accumulate he might not have known that there was actually anyone at the table behind all the books.

It was going to be a pain to reshelve them all tough.

With a sigh he walked over and found an ursuki flipping through page after page, eyes skimming down the words. He watched as their eyes caught on something and their pace slowed, clearly taking in the information, before reaching for another book and opening it to apparently cross-reference something.

Clearing his throat didn’t provide the warning of his presence that he was hoping it would as the ursuki jolted in their seat. “Um,” he cast an eye over the table and did his best to look welcoming and helpful, “do you need help? Are you looking for something in particular? Or maybe I can take some of these away and find you what you actually need?”

What they actually needed was clearly a good night’s sleep, based on the deep bags under their eyes, but who was he to judge.

“Oh,” the ursuki looked around at their table, as if seeing just how much was on it for the first time, and then shrugged, “no, not really. I think I have everything here. I just got caught up in looking up the history of a word,” they pointed a clawed finger at one book, “and that led me to the culture of the civilization where the word came from,” pointed at another book, “and then on and on until I got where I am now.”

“And where is that?”

“Oh! The debate about where memories are stored and whether it’s possible to erase them based on how they can be changed and altered over time.”

Mephistopheles blinked slowly, but the ursuki just continued on.

“Which actually if you think about it, witness testimonials can only be used for a certain amount of time because of how memories degrade just like other evidence in criminal matters which is why we have a statute of limitations on things…” they trailed off, rubbing a paw against their chin as they muttered.

“How about I bring you a book on criminal law next…”

- - -


It was entirely past Gerblin’s bedtime. As in the usual time had come and gone hours ago and yet! Here they were, curled up on their bed, eyes intent on the pages in front of their nose. How were they supposed to sleep when the last chapter had been such a cliffhanger?! That was absolutely inexcusable and Gerblin needed to know what was going to happen next.

So what if her eyes were beginning to droop and she had to read the same sentence multiple times in order to actually process it, she simply could not give up now.

As the late night slowly turned into early morning and light began to creep in from behind the drapes covering their window, Gerblin twisted and turned into new positions on their bed all while continuing to read.

It wasn’t until they heard the morning chirps of birds outside and the sun had fully risen that they finished reading the last word on the last page and shut the book with a snap.

This, apparently, was akin to a great hypnosis spell ending and Gerblin yawned and looked around. Bear was awake and staring at them, her sweet sunsine head on the edge of their bed and her eyes large and piteous.

Finally registering the light coming in their window, Gerblin realized exactly how long they’d been awake and winced. “Oh no… I may… have made a mistake.”

The sunsine huffed, then whined and walked over to the door and back to Gerblin, using her sad eyes to her advantage.

“Well, at least when I take you outside we can swing by the bookstore and see if they have the next book in the series.”

Scholar - U049
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In Callings ・ By AlleyWolf

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