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The first influence of tamer Tao happened many seasons ago, back to that summer Tao had spent in Goldfair. Although Tao had always told their mothers that they understood their pippets from the day they got them, they didn't seem to believe her. Not in a real way, not any more than they believed in her imaginary friends.


"There's no way you can understand what the pippets are saying," the bloom said in response, skepticism written all over his features. He looked over at Fuzz, almost for confirmation, but he was too busy sleeping. Although he would believe that somelon could get the general vibe or reach an understanding with their pippet, he didn't think it was possible that one could actually understand and fully hold a conversation with one. However, this strange orange and pink bloom in front of him sighed.


"Why do you think that?" Tao replied, sitting down with a huff. Ryan seemed to find Lief's words confusing, looking to Mari for her opinion, but her gaze was focused on Lief as he began to answer Tao's question.


"Weeeeell," he murmured, trying to think of a reason why. "For one, I can't understand mine... and it's not like yours speak the same language as us... oh, and it's well-known that we can't speak with them..." his voice trailed off, eyeing Tao to make sure that he didn't hurt their feelings. However, it didn't seem like that concern was necessary, as they had a smile on their face that eventually turned into... laughter? "Why are you laughing? I'm right?" However, he seemed less certain than before.


Tao seemed amused to hear the uncertainty. "Well... perhaps for any normal lon. But for me, I'm special. I've been training in this forever. Okay, come up with a question, I will ask Mari and Ryan it and tell you what they say. It can really be anything, they're really smart!" Tao looked over to Ryan and Mari, who seemed to agree. Mari offered a wide comforting smile to Lief, who was now pondering what to ask.


"Hmm.." Lief tried to really think of something good to ask, but he found himself unable to focus or find something good enough. He was so hungry! It must be getting close to lunchtime. Oh, that's it! "Oh, how about... what should we eat for lunch?" He asked, smiling softly once he saw Tao's face light up. At the mention of eating and lunch, Fuzz opened an eye, beginning to stir from his nap, colors beginning to shift as he began to pay closer attention to the conversation.


"Okay, Mari, Ryan, what should we eat for lunch?" Tao asked the pippets, Ryan tilting his head to the side and Mari's smile slightly lessening as the two thought. Mari chittered and Ryan squeaked as the two talked about it, sometimes looking between Lief and Tao. Tao nodded here and there as the two discussed. "True, but... what about something else?" Tao offered at a particular moment, and Mari seemed to chirp in agreement, causing Ryan to let out an exasperated noise, before suggesting something else. Mari and Tao seemed to get equally excited.


"Wishberries! They said we should eat wishberries!" Tao said, clearly excited by this. They were her favorite fruit, afterall!


Lief was quiet as he watched the whole exchange, finding it interesting that it seemed like Tao was listening to the pippets, really hearing them and participating in the conversation and suggesting something else. Until eventually there was a consensus. He had to be honest, he was finding himself pretty convinced. "That's so cool! And wishberries sounds great, right Fuzz?" He looked over to the pyropine, who was now flashing between his rainbow colors quickly to show his excitement. "That's a yes from Fuzz too." Wow, Tao was great at communicating with their pippets! And Ryan and Mari had such great ideas. They must be quite wise, and Tao was so talented! His close friend was a pippet whisperer, quite possibly the first ever. How awesome!


"Let's go then!" Tao said excitedly, motioning with a poove to her pippets, who quickly climbed onto her, taking their normal spot buried in the fluffy tufts of fur on the top of her head. Fuzz jumped onto Lief, finding a cozy spot for itself. Even buried in Lief's fur, you could still see Fuzz's colorful quills shining at the promise of wishberries.


With that, the two blooms and their pippets were off, off to find the nearest wishberry bush to satisfy their hunger. 

[Gift] Tao the Tamer - 1
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In Callings ・ By lemondrops

Tao has always claimed to have an intricate relationship with their pippets, but no one really believed them (and I mean really, really them) until they convinced their friend Lief!

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