Prankish - U049 & P963

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A return prank was coming. Gerblin could feel it in her cacti. It had to be. There was no way Vivendel was going to let them get away with the heart attack she played on him.

Thinking of his gobsmacked face at the litany of hearts on his front yard still gave her the giggles though. Whatever trick he played in return would be well worth it.

First thing’s first though, she needed to be (ugh– they sneered the words in their head productive and responsible and do her house chores. Those no fun, very boring things. It was fine helping other folks straighten up their house, she didn’t mind that! But her own chores? Ew, no thank you.

And first on the list was the ever dreaded laundry day.

Sure, they had fur and claws so they didn’t really need to wear clothes, but come one! Sometimes it was just nice to be all comfy and cozy in a pair of thick socks and silly slippers when you drank cocoa in bed. Other times it was helpful to put on a thick pair of gloves when pruning their cacti was necessary or there was something in the garden that just needed to go. And of course over time those things all got dirty and needed to be washed.

Gerblin supposed she could have used her magic to do that, but really as an ursuki her magic was more illusion-based. That and there was only so much of it for the year so using it to make their life a little easier now would mean less for pranking more necessary things later.

As they set about putting away clothes they divided it all up into groups. Things that went into drawers got folded and put into stacks to put away together. Anything that needed to be hung up or put away outside of the room, like washing towels, was tossed haphazardly toward either the closet or door– they’d be wrinkled later maye, but still clean. Socks and other small items got put into a pile to pair up later. That was another one of Gerblin’s least favorite parts of the chore so it got left until last.

Left till last still has to be done though, so eventually it was time to sit down and match socks together to put away. Grabbing one off the pile at random she began looking through for its mate. When it wasn’t anywhere to be found she sighed and made a secondary pile; it seems the laundry gremlins (or more likely a rogue pippet) had stolen one of her socks again. Picking up another sock the process repeated. Then repeated again. And again.

When they finished Gerblin was left with the same pile they started with. All of her socks were missing their matches. Now one she could believe, but all of them? That was surely no coincidence! 

Glaring at the pile she grabbed two at random. 

If she was right she’d need to go get all the socks back from her friend and Vivendal would certainly enjoy seeing the result of his shenanigans.

Prankish - U049 & P963
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In Event Quests ・ By AlleyWolf

Vivendel's revenge!

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