Prankish - U049 & P963

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“Just you wait!” A claw was pointed dangerously close to Vivendel’s nose as the ursuki pouted at him. “One of these days I’m gonna give you just as much of a heart attack as you give me!” Shaking her head, Gerblin’s face appeared to pop back on. It was an odd wereform, their entire face disappearing and becoming just a skull while everything else stayed the same, but seemed to fit them. 

Vivendel chortled nonetheless. Sneaking up on the ursuki was entirely too easy, particularly given their sonar ears which were supposed to help hear more. Yet time after time Gerblin would be off in their own little world, humming a tune, or simply not paying attention, and would be startled by his “sudden” appearance.

Which wasn't sudden at all. He wasn't even trying to walk quietly. But Gerblin would turn around, be surprised to see him, jump nearly a foot off the ground, and her face would poof into a skull. 

The threat to spook him back was nothing new and he wished them luck at it. “Whatever you say you little gremlin!” He chuckled a bit more as he picked up a satchel full of mail. “You can plot up your surprise all you want but you won't get me! Now anyway, I'm off! I've got things to do and letters to deliver. So scoot, you!”

Shooing Gerblin out the door in front of him with a wave, Vivendel paid no mind to the ursuki’s threats as he set off.

Maybe he should have?


Gerblin was plotting, oh yes she was. She was going to get Vivendel back real good for sneaking up on her again. You just mark her words, that pouflon better watch his sparkly little hooves or he wouldn’t know what hit him. Actually, he wasn’t going to know what hit him anyway, that was the whole point.

Giggling to themself as they clicked their claws together, Gerblin set about getting all the items needed to pull off this wonderful prank.

After the first few paper cutouts had been made they realized this was going to take them a while. Longer than expected, that was for sure. Also she was definitely going to need more paper, glue, and little wooden forks. Branches and twigs would probably work too though now that she thought about it, and would be much easier to both find and get rid of after the deed was done.


When Vivendel stepped outside in the morning, ready to head off for another day of delivering heart-felt letters, he stopped and stared at the scene before him.

“What in all the Saints names…” he mumbled as he stared at hundreds, maybe even thousands, of small paper heart cutouts glued to sticks and shoved into the ground surrounding his door. He wouldn’t be able to take two steps without crushing at least ten of them.

“HAH!” the gremlin themself burst out from under the illusion charm that had been hiding them and pointed at him victoriously. “I told you I’d give you a heart attack! And see! HAHA! I attack you! With hearts!” she cackled like a cliche evil-doer, head tilted back and hands on her hips triumphantly. Between that and the site of the “heart attack” before him Vivendel gave in to a fit of giggles himself.

He had been warned after all.

Prankish - U049 & P963
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