Teagan | Thoughts at Sunrise

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There was something about sunrises that always got him thinking a bit too much for a bit too long.

Teagan had come to the Obrille Knight academy as a means to escape a dreary home life, a way to escape the boredom and monotony of the every day and the average. He had come seeking some glorious story and chasing some self-imposed sense of importance and status. And while the stubborn, knuckleheaded knight of yesterday was starting to drift away… there was still something missing.

He was starting to get a better understanding of what a knight was, and each sunrise brought a day of him wondering if this is really what he had been wanting all this time.

While he admired the stoic armored knights who silently guarded castle events or kept an eye on Bellacoste nobility, something was missing from that. Did he want to stand guard at castle doors or patrol city borders every day? It was stable, it was important, and everyone looked up those pouflons… but it wasn’t the grand experience he had come to seek at the academy.

It wasn’t the glorious experience that his childhood storybooks told him he’d have.

Waking up at daybreak to trot down to Buttersprings had taught him humility and appreciation. Rising before the sun to go help the local baker unload her cart, only to work long past sunrise due to helping her bake just one more tray of treats would let him meet people he may not have met before. The local pippet wrangler taught him a few more tricks on how to calm the little critters down when cranky and the kind bookstore owner had a fair number of tales to recommend (that Teagan was free to borrow after a day of helping put them away).

It was this that kept the would-be knight following after the sunrise every day. It was new experiences with the people of Bellacoste, rather than new tactics with a sword or a not-quite-new patrol route.

“Maybe this isn’t what I want to do.” The pouflon sighed to himself as he rested on the edge of a windowsill- one leg lazily dangling down as his other leg cradled his latest borrowed novel. One he hadn’t started just yet. “I expected… more.”

As the sun continued to come up, changing the purple sky to brighter oranges that would soon fade to blue, the knight pouflon watched it quietly. Only moving to watch as nearby doors opened and curtains were pulled away as other knights-in-training started their day. It was the routine he had come to expect at the academy and he was wondering if would always be like this.

The dread of a predictable routine. There was nothing grand about that.

As the stirring in the rest of the academy began to increase, Teagan finally pulled himself away from the windowsill. For a moment he considered walking out of the academy- he didn’t need their permission to help people. He didn’t need their approval to help everylon, to wander in search of experiences and those who could use his help.

“Wander… hmmm. Where have…?” The pouflon mused to himself while putting on his training armor and checking over the wooden sword he’d be using in a sparring match. Once he was set to go he wandered back over to the windowsill, looking out at the sun that was still rising into the sky.

He also realized he left his book there, and a short glance at the title got him thinking.

“Hmmm… ’The Wanderer’, must be what I was thinking of.” For a moment he paused, contemplating his situation to himself. No one said he had to stay to be the guard Obrille would expect him to be. Maybe there was something else out there…?

He gave another short glance at the title.

“You know, that’s not such a bad idea...” Another short musing to himself. Maybe he could stick it out long enough to be a better knight. Patience.

However, his thinking was cut short as the trainers finally started calling the alarm for everylon to get up and report to training. The hoofbeats of the other knights-in-training following shortly after; and Teagan wouldn’t take too long to follow suit even if it cut his thoughts short. Not that it would matter too much.

He had plenty of future sunrises to admire.

Teagan | Thoughts at Sunrise
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In General Art ・ By fyre
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