The Lady of the Lake

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The weight would swallow

you whole,

if you let it.

But it is not in you

to drown in the depths.


You clutch your weapon tight

to your chest, heavy

with fear

that the knowledge 

eludes you still.


Tentatively, gracefully,

you emerge from

your sodden home.

It is the only one

you have ever known.


The weight of the water

is like that of your sword.

It pulls on your hair, holds

you back.

It drags.


You are stronger than that.

The strength hides within

your ancient speech,

your movements,

your patience.


The threads are tangled

and you cannot pull them apart

for fear it will all unravel.

Are you the one you have waited for?

Or is this your doom?


- Eulalia


The Lady of the Lake
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In General Art & Literature ・ By arlinns

A poem by Eulalia, about Shailagh.

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