Growing Pains - P443

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Erl and his pippets followed the dryad further into the forest. The trees reached higher and higher and the underbrush grew denser, but there was no feeling of the forest closing in on them or it getting any darker than it had been on the edges. It seemed no matter how deep they ventured, Redwick remained as light and airy throughout.


Logically Erl knew that if they kept going they would encounter the Marshgrave sooner or later, but that wasn’t much of a concern for him. Marshgrave, despite all the rumors and superstitions that surrounded it, was simply another part of the world they lived in. There was nothing more dangerous, to his mind, in the swamps than there was in the rest of the world, particularly if one knew how to travel in natural settings.


He pushed that thought aside though as the sound of whispering voice just barely caught his attention. Slowly but surely Erl was beginning to be able to differentiate things he was hearing audibly and the whispers and voices of the woods that called to him through his bond to nature. This voice was high, a bit shrill, and if he had to put a word to it it sounded somewhat desperate. As he followed his familiar the voice got louder and louder until they stopped in front of a small stunted sapling.


“Well,” Spore and Chirup both hopped off of their preferred riding spots as he circled the small tree, “you, my friend, are most certainly not from around here. I’m not sure how you got all the way over here but you’re certainly a fighter to have grown this much. You would feel much better closer to Marshgrave little friend, so if you don’t mind I’m going to dig you up and take you there. You’ll feel much better in a swampier environment.”


While he couldn’t quite understand the whisper in his head it seemed to have a feeling of acceptance and thanks in Erl’s mind and when he glanced over at the dryad it nodded. With a smile on his face at the thought of this good deed helping a small plant, Erl got to work.

Growing Pains - P443
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