.:Peaceful Sunsets:.

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.:Peaceful Sunsets:.
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In Knight Quests ・ By PieCuddlie

For the Tier 1 Achievement - Ambitions.

Calvin looks out on the land he'll soon keep safe in the future... but he better also-- LOOK OUT!!!

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Miss-Italia Avatar

Consumes your art, the environment is so open and I adore the high ruin like constructions in this. Feels like a fallen, yet glorious kingdom.
Also, I have such a crush on Calvin?! Handsome golden boy.

2022-05-10 17:30:47

PieCuddlie Avatar

Once more, my has been made a meal of. Really though I'm so flattered by your lovely comment on the background!!

Honestly Calvin is a baby, I'm so excited to draw him some more with his full outfit someday... thank you soooo much as usual!!! ;U; <3 <3

2022-05-10 22:08:08

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