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Coffee Clones (Prankish)
[After the events of Unexpected Affinity]

Seren pours her fifth coffee of the day. The steam stings her eyes, and she averts them to the mountain of paperwork. "Still much to go through huh…?" She mutters. 

The vespire leans back in her plush chair, head craning to the door. The pitcher lightly jangles in her claws, empty from her long session in her office. As if she's said the same thing a million times before, she bellows: "Aiza! Can you fetch me another jug?"

And as if the pouf had done this a million times before, a faint response followed: "Again? Geez!" 

Seren returns to her notes. Fervent scratches of ink laid out her observations. A reference check here. Then there. Her claws are in constant motion, flipping the soft papers up and over. 

A click sounds from the door to her office and her ear responds, but she remains focused. She could hear Aiza approach, and replace the empty pitcher with a heavier one. Hearing the slosh of coffee and smelling its warmth made Seren hum with content. 

"Thanks." She grumbled. But she felt something was amiss. 

Normally Aiza would make some sassy remark to getting her more coffee. "I'm not your maid, geez!", Seren would hear her complain, before placing the coffee in a precarious location out of spite. 

This time, the pitcher was flatly where she left it: in the middle of the table. Safe from the dangers of the desk corner. Seren looks up just in time to see a green blur exit the room before hearing the door slam. The vespire gives a suspicious "Hmm…" and rises from her chair.


Seren exits her office, opting to find out what would have possessed her apprentice to turn green. They did have color changing potions in the lab– a gift from Dr Kavolsky. Seren never found a use for it of course. She wasn't one to prank. But mostly, she didn't have any friends to impart rainbow terror on. Still though, that wouldn't explain the odd behavior of Aiza. 

The vespire walks down the magical corridor, looking for the door to the training room, where Aiza spends most of her time. Doors of various materials and menagerie of colors float on by in the spatial zone. Seren regrets not taking a cup of coffee with her before entering the hall, and she groans. It is cold here, and the air is still, so having a steaming cup would have been pleasant. Her eyes bounce from patterned door to door, until she sees it at last, ten paces away. The training room had a forest green door, fitted with a metal grated window.

But before she could get closer, another door opens nearby. A blue Aiza with a cape flies out. Her pelt was a shimmering cobalt, and the cape a dark sea blue. She sees Seren and freaks out. Then, she promptly zips into a white door with a wooden sign– the kitchen.

Seren rubs her eyes, doing a double take at the white wood. Since when did Aiza become blue? No, she wouldn't mess with the color shifting potions would she? That was a gift, dammit! 

The vespire storms into the kitchen, growling. "I had a plan for those color potions!" She rumbled, despite not actually having plans. She glances around the rustic kitchen and its cobblestone floors. No sign of life. The massive vespire cautiously tip toes, trying to mask her heavy steps. She rounds the corner where the storage pantry lies. A blue blur slips from her side, and disappears out the back door.

"Why you– !"

Seren gives chase. The two zig zag cartoonishly through the corridor. They barely miss eachother. The vespire drifts as she runs, clearly not used to running in tight spaces. Then, an orange Aiza appears with a cape. Somehow, she seemed more reddish. The vespire leaps at her. 

"Uh oh!" She squeaks, her voice different somehow. Seren misses her cape by a thread.

"G-gah!" The vespire curses at her apprentice's nimbleness. This pouf is changing color AND moving like lightning. 

But then, the blue Aiza shows up. The orange Aiza and Blue Aiza bump into eachother. They rub their heads and curse at the other.

Seren makes a confused noise. 

Two Aizas? 

This is now a living nightmare.

"Don't tell me…" She face palms.

"The wild hunt…. You know how much I hate that holiday!"

The vespire reaches out to the two with the face of a displeased oni. A terrifingly large smoke claw looms over. The Aizas smile sheepishly. Then, they flee for their lives towards the green door. It slams right before the claw snatches them. This doesn't stop Seren of course, and the vespire smashes right through the hinges. 

She skirts to a stop on the grassy terrain of the training room. The artificial sky was high noon. In the center of the large field, was a group of Aizas. One for each color of the rainbow. Blue, green, orange-red, 

Yellow, teal, pink, purple, and brown. Each also wore a cheap cape matching them. When they see the vespire, a look of horror spreads across the group.

"Shows over! Cut the illusion." Seren grumbles, eyebrow twitching. She sweeps them with her smoke claw, and they yelp in different directions. 

"Oh saints she's gonna really kill us!"

"I regret signing up for this…"


They scatter. Seren continues to bulldoze the Aizas with her smoke. These illusions were extremely realistic. Instead of poofing away when she punched them, they felt solid, and ran away screaming. Seren gave a disgruntled growl. What the hell was Aiza playing with?!


"Aiza, help, she's tryin' to kill us!!!"


Seren freezes. 

An Aiza pops out from the rest of the group and confronts Seren. Normal colored this time. She looks apologetic. Unlike the others, she has her trademark wheat balanced in her mouth. "Woah woah okay we surrender!" She waves her pooves frantically.

Seren crosses her arms, barely containing her discontentment. She could tell this was the real Aiza. 

"Will you tell me what is going on?" She hisses.


The other Aizas line up. 

Aiza tells them with a defeated tone, "Alright take off the disguises."

Pouf by pouf they mess up their hair and drop the capes guiltily. Upon closer inspection, they were in fact, not illusions. They were all strangers to Seren. Just different colored poufs with slightly faded ruinics. She glares at Aiza. 

"Who are they? I don't remember inviting eight pouflons to my carriage!" 

Aiza grins innocently. "They're new friends I found in the dealer's cave!"

She grins harder. "I… might'ave promised that you'd help them learn how to control their affinities!"

Seren raises her brow, patience thinning. "And you didn't tell me until now because…?"

"It's the wild hunt so I figured you'd like a surprise."

"Aiza…. I hate surprises. And I hate pranks." Seren grumbled. 

"Surrrprise!" Aiza said anyways, making jazz hands. 

Seren face palms. Her claws stretch down her cheeks. She could feel a wrinkle coming on. She glares at the poufs, who jump when her eyes meet them. 

"Alright, get out. I'm not running a charity." She points to the door.


Aiza clings to Seren's arm, pleadingly. 

"But they can help! If you teach them they can give you a good reputation!" 

The others nod. The green one even adds, "We'll do any job you need us to!"

"House chores, whatever!", The blue one chimes in.

Seren groans, considering it. Reputation only brings more annoyances, like getting invited to galas. House jobs however… She was beginning to like the idea of having cobwebs cleaned from the study. But eight house servants/trainees? That is seven pouflons too much.

"Please hire them all. They're just like me– they struggled with their affinity." Aiza pleaded, bringing out her devastating puppy eyes. "I know you can help them!"

Seren flinches, trying to avoid Aiza's gaze. The eyes…! Her one weakness with Aiza. She doesn't pull it often, but when the pouf does, it tugs at her guardian heart strings. She'd never admit this to Aiza, of course. She'd rather die than tell her apprentice about this exploit.

The vespire gives a hardened look as she contemplates. She strokes her chin, and gives a rumbling, long, "Hmmmmmmmm."

They could use some help cleaning… and…

"Any of you know how to cook?" She asks.

The blue one raises their poof.

"Okay. Fine. All of you can stay." She concedes, grumpily.

A resounding "YAAY!" erupts from the crowd.

"On these conditions!" Seren raises a claw.

"When you leave, you will not speak about what is in this house. Two, you will reimburse me with whatever you find valuable. The more interesting it is, the better." Seren growls, threateningly, "If you break the first rule, I will come after you."

The group gulps in unison.

"Do you understand?" Her golden eyes pierce their souls. They shudder and nod like their lives depend on it.



Seren returns to her office and slumps in her chair. Her muscles relax over the armrests, and she melts. Then, she takes a sip of the coffee. A look of displeasure. The coffee… went cold. She throws her head back in a groan. And once again prepares to yell for more coffee. Her mouth widens.

But the door clicks, and the green pouflon appears, carrying a tray. She places a warm pitcher of coffee onto the table and gives Seren a queasy smile. 

Surprised, the vespire quietly mutters a "Thanks." She doesn't hesitate to sip at a fresh cup. Her body glues to the chair and she makes a satisfied hum. The coffee… was perfect. A smirk grows on her face. Maybe she could get used to having eight pouflons around. 


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In Event Quests ・ By teadino
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