Profile Pouf-926: Opal

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5 January 2021, 19:48:45 EST

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A true scholar, Opal is ranked amongst the quietest of pouflons. (Seriously, they have a competition every year and she's always near the top!)

She spends most of her time gazing at the stars or writing increasingly confusing treatises about astral magic. That's not to say she doesn't have an adventurous side, though - she just does most of her adventuring by way of a book. 


Her best friend, Maia, has been a positive impact in her life, and Opal no longer remembers what her life was like before she knew Maia. Maia's outgoing nature helps bring Opal out of her shell, and ground her when she becomes flustered or nervous. 

While Opal is a passive, nonconfrontational pouflon, frequently thought of as a peacemaker, there is no doubt that if Maia needed her, she would go through fire and flood to be there for her friend.


Something about Opal is different, since being corrupted during the Skyfall saga. It's almost as if she's working something out, and she is frequently distracted, her gaze averted.

Something about the experience has lingered, and although her personality is the same, she seems more willing to speak her mind around others. Her friends watch her with concern, wondering what it is she's thinking about, and whether she'll return to her old ways when the puzzle is solved.