Profile Pouf-1275: Crowley

Owned by Zevhara

Crowley Solstice | He/Him | ToyHouse


Crowley is often called "Lee" by his friends and will only go by his last name in very formal situations. He is lawful good and gets nervous easily by anything that seems to go against the rules. He also just gets nervous easily in general. He's used to spending most of his time alone, and he enjoys this most of the time. He also he needs to rest after spending time around others. Though in the past this made him lonely, ever since meeting his friends Basil and Zeph he's slowly becoming more confident and outgoing. When he was young his anxiety prevented him from exploring new things, but now his friends make him feel safe to start learning and understading who he is more deeply. He's quite scholarly and loves learning and traditional school settings. He can talk for a long time about his favorite subjects but is used to being told to stop talking, so he's overjoyed to have found friends that are legitimately interested in listening to him and encourage him to share his passions with them.


  • Libraries
  • Studying
  • Talking About Likes
  • Alone Time
  • Spending Time with Friends
  • Astronomy


  • Rule-Breaking
  • Long Periods of Socializing
  • Being Talked Over
  • Being Ignored/Dismissed
  • Loneliness

Design Notes:

  • When he changes colors is a WIP but most of the time he's the dark blue form

Fun Facts:

  • Zeph gave him the show name "Oberon"
  • He doesn't get astrology and doesn't know why his friends think it's fun


  • Basil (POUF-1081): Best Friend
  • Zeph (POUF-1330): Best Friend
  • Gift art is allowed
  • Please ask before gift writing